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Sorry for not posting much but I’ve been busy trying to enjoy life. I have also made an executive decision to move to tumblr. My tumblr is here. Please follow if you like my posts. Also thanks too my two subscribers. I will also promise to follow all blogs I’m subscribed too still so there may be a few comments from me occasionally.

Thanks and I’ll tumble you later.


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Thursday, 27th October 2011 at 19:53 BST

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Love will find a way somehow

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Well as you may have already guessed I’m not single anymore. It all happened last Wednesday and well I fancied her and she decided to flirt with me and stuff happened (you can probably guess what) and well now we are in a relationship. But it’s hard for me as I know it might end, sooner rather than later so sometimes I worry despite being very infatuated by her. Also she’s two years younger than me and sometimes I do worry people judging me and I’m glad they don’t know I’ve never dated successfully anyone older. I don’t know what it is about that age difference but I like them and they like me.

Otherwise last Saturday I went into town with my girlfriend and one of my good friends to build my good friend’s bear at Build-A-Bear where you can build your very own teddy bear which I bought for her and it wasn’t too expensive thankfully.  It was a strange experience as all the assistants were hyperactive as they are used to dealing with kids more than adults ( well me and my friend were 18, my girlfriend 16). But it was good , weird that we had to put our hands on our hearts and sing the bear promise and also sing a girl happy birthday but it was a good experience. And now my friend has a bear they can always remember me by that smells of ice cream (I’m not kidding, it really does, no idea how they do it though). 

Otherwise we just looked around went into shops and the like including going into clothes shops, shoe shops and even one lingerie shop, they just forced me to. Not really, I didn’t mind, I’m used to going shopping with my mum anyway.

Things are good but busy sometimes generally speaking.

Blog you later people.

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Monday, 10th October 2011 at 20:55 BST

Dining with a former teacher

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I had a rather interesting experience and meal out last Friday night. You know at school how’d you’d always think it’s awkward to go out for a meal with your teachers? Well, it kind of is.

Let me explain, my mum is going part time now and she works in my old school so she invited her department out for a meal. Of those who attended, one was my old biology teacher and well it was awkward calling her by her first name and being tipsy in front of her but despite all of this I enjoyed the company and the food.

Otherwise I went out for another meal yesterday evening to celebrate my granddad’s retirement which was all right food wise but they took so long to serve us. It was diabolical.

I’ve been pretty knackered this weekend otherwise so I mainly relaxed.

I’m going to blog you later.

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Sunday, 2nd October 2011 at 21:45 BST

A unique birthday party

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I went to what I would call a unique birthday party last night. It was in a village hall and it encompassed lots and lots of barn dancing. Also we had some samba drumming, that was a bit loud for me to be honest. Then to add to the uniqueness or strangeness if you prefer we had fish and chips for food.

It wasn’t a bad party, not at all. I found it funny to watch people barn dancing and getting it wrong and some looked so difficult. I did have a go but as now most of my friends can testify I am useless at it. It was good to chat to my friends and also spend time with some people I’ve never seen out of college before.

All in all a good night, and my good friend whose party it was seemed to have enjoyed herself which is the main thing.

Blog you later.

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Sunday, 25th September 2011 at 12:15 BST

Interesting things to study and my thoughts of Nottingham Trent University

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Psychology is getting rather interesting in my opinion lately as we are studying violence and aggression, why it takes place etc. and eventually we’ll move onto abnormal psychology like depression for example and the psychology of human relationships which should be pretty interesting, maybe it’ll help me get a girlfriend but I doubt that.

In History we studied how James Bond, well the films, and pop music of the time reflect the attitudes of the public in the Cold War which I thought was rather interesting and maybe be something to do in the future, I think.

My timetable clashes are sorted now. Well almost, I still have one clash but I’ve worked out where to go with that so that’s cool. Thankfully, there shouldn’t be much juggling to do now.

Finally, yesterday I went to Nottingham Trent University for their open day and must say their campus was a nice size and that their facilities were good. Just one moan, the bathrooms in their old accommodation were tiny, I think it would be like showering in a cupboard.

Otherwise, course wise they were focusing on not just academic skills but practical skills such as opportunities to do work experience and field trips in history and the ability to hone your interpretation skills in Spanish for example.

Overall that’s a good second choice especially as they want less grades than the likes of Kent or the University of Hertfordshire.

Blog you later.

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Sunday, 18th September 2011 at 16:58 BST

Back to the daily grind

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Well as the title says, I went back to college today. It was nice to see my friends again today even those that I had grown to dislike. Someone even spoke to me and had a whole conversation after not speaking to me since June. But saying that I haven’t spoken to them since this morning. Otherwise it was really strange not knowing what you had lesson-wise that day.

Well I got my timetable in the assembly first thing in the morning and I have five clashes on it. You know where you have more than one lesson at the same time and to date they are still unresolved so I’m not sure how that will all get fixed yet. I’m just relying on teacher’s saying go to this lesson then. Also I have four lesson days and one lesson days so that’s so awkward and rather strange. But i reason I have tons of time to catch-up with any of the lessons I miss.

I ended up only having one lesson that day and spent like two hours being bored and socialising waiting for my only lesson in the middle of the day. I even thought, I was better off being at home at one point.

That’s it really for today, I’ve been recuperating from the shock of waking up early and I have a four lesson day tomorrow so I should go to bed soon.

Blog you later

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Thursday, 8th September 2011 at 22:27 BST

Thoughts of University of Kent and back to college tomorrow

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Today I spent the day looking around the University of Kent’s Canterbury campus. I would say it was rather nice set in 300 acres of woodland and not too large thankfully. It had the usual cafés, bars cinemas, accommodation and all the rest. As I didn’t go on an official open day I couldn’t see what the accommodation was like unfortunately. The number of lecture halls didn’t seem many but there were hundreds of classrooms. But as to be expected they were all fitted out nicely.

All in all it was really nice and not too large and thankfully the student village is only a maximum of half a mile away. So it seems to me to be a possible second choice. The only thing is they want some high number of UCAS points which I’m gonna have to work hard to achieve.

Tomorrow I’m back to college so it’s an early night for me and tomorrow morning I have to go to college blind as to what lessons I have so it’s going to be interesting tomorrow.

Blog you later.

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Wednesday, 7th September 2011 at 21:43 BST